Inform CPI

Our flagship system, Analyse, has in excess of 57 million commercial property records covering in England, Wales and Scotland, with information dating back as far as 1990 right up to the end of the 2010 Rating List.

We also hold up-to-date dimensional survey information for over 1.7 million commercial premises in the UK. This includes a full rateable value history and extensive appeals information.

Since 2012 we have developed new rating packages for both the private and public sectors. Our latest software for billing authorities, Analyse LOCAL, is designed to forecast the effects of appeals and other changes to the Rating List and increase revenues for the local authority by identifying new and altered properties. To date we have identified over £95m in additional rateable value that has been referred to our Billing Authority clients, with over £30m already in the rating list.




The Analyse LOCAL software also provides detail reports on the threats to a Billing Authority’s local rating list; reports that have passed the requirement of external auditors over recent years. The Analyse LOCAL system provides a complete package to put our clients in the best possible position to deal with the every changing industry.

Our Desktop Surveyor suite brings a new dimension of rating information and functionality to all market sectors and incorporates our rates management system, BillPro3.


Datel Advansys were invited to audit the in house on premise solution and third party colocation hosting service, with a view to significantly increasing the level of security, resilience and availability of the solution. It also needed to be able to scale up and down to meet the ever increasing demands of the business, whilst providing improved remote, secure access to key systems for the management team and directors.

This resulted in us contracting with Datel Advansys providing a highly available, resilient, secure, scalable private cloud solution, fully managed by Datel, with the benefit of allowing us to concentrate on the business, rather than worrying about IT infrastructure, versions of operating systems and databases