Datel Advansys Consultancy Services enable any organisation to gain genuine business advantage through increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

Significant increases in server capability and capacity are constantly being demanded and have completely changed the landscape in and requirements for business.

Our highly-experienced technical architects thoroughly evaluate the existing server estate to identify opportunities to work smarter, reducing the number of servers, and creating a virtual environment. Physical servers are migrated to virtual servers, delivering increased availability by utilising migration facilities built into the virtualisation platform.

Implementation of these recommendations delivers significant benefits including:

  •   Reduction in power and cooling costs
  •   Reduction in maintenance costs
  •   Increased availability using partition migration
  •   More efficient use of processing power as required
  •   Use of temporary virtual servers to test upgrades as and when required
  •   Easier management and deployment of new servers
  •   Simpler disaster recovery processes and procedures

Networking and Security

For most companies, an efficient and effective IT infrastructure has become a business-crucial absolute. Within any business more people demand use of the network for a bewildering variety of functions and the demands on it increase exponentially.

This is true not just of the IT strategy but of the very core of the business itself.

Security has become a major issue as increased usage and hugely increased numbers of users have had a marked effect on the threat of attack from the web and via email.

Datel Advansys security consultants assess the network configuration and security policies, undertaking a risk analysis appropriate to the business. The findings are presented with specific recommendations for consideration.

Datel Advansys offers clients a comprehensive service, including:

  •   Independent assessment of current network and security configuration
  •   Access to highly skilled security specialists for design and implementation
  •   Regular security reviews including independent penetration testing
  •   Solutions designed to meet specific industry compliance requirements

Data Backup and Recovery

Data is, quite simply, the most valuable asset in any business. Despite this, many businesses take their data for granted and don’t recognise it for what it is.

With this undoubted fact in mind, it is vitally important to ensure that data is protected when in use and stored securely when not.

Datel Advansys review security and backup policies to ensure that data is adequately protected and that, when backed up, relevant copies are secured, validated and protected from all threats. Where appropriate we will make recommendations to allow point in time recovery and recovery in the event of a site disaster.

Our investigation and report will cover:

  •   Independent review of existing policies and procedures
  •   How to reduce backup time and user intervention
  •   Use of disk and wide area networks to improve frequency and availability
  •   Validating your data
  •   Providing disaster recovery capability

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Any company which is not always in a position to respond to client needs is risking the very existence of the business. The need for business continuity is evident, and the risk of failure is far more complex than the threat of simple unforeseen disaster.

If the unthinkable should happen, it is vital that data and applications can be recovered quickly and precisely to a point that is both relevant and useful to the business. Whether the need is for synchronous replication of data in real time or simply a service to install essential equipment to the site, Datel Advansys will develop an IT recovery plan to work alongside business recovery procedures.

Our investigations will identify and analyse the potential impact of a wide range of threats and we will then help build resilience into every layer of the business to ensure that business continuity will be guaranteed at all times.

Our investigation and report will cover:

  •   Review of backup policies and procedures
  •   Development of specific recovery procedures
  •   Annual test to review and prove procedures


Every business is different and its IT needs are individual and specific to each situation.

The crucial first step towards getting the whole IT infrastructure and investment right lies in getting the technology right.

Our IT consultants will plan, install and configure the chosen solution, providing guidance on products and solutions.  We will work hard to ensure the installation is completed on time and on budget.

We also recognise the importance of the provision of essential training and implementation guidelines.

Our investigation and report will cover:

  •   Identifying and sourcing the best solution for the business and its environment
  •   Minimising the time needed to get the solution up and running
  •   Testing to confirm performance, reliability and usability before going live
  •   Detailed documentation of the new configuration for quick and easy understanding
  •   Ensuring the minimum risk and business disruption

Datel Advansys has the necessary experience to ensure that the system in your business is appropriate to your business.

Programme and Project Management

The importance to the business of completion of the project which is successful in every way, meeting the objectives of time, quality and budget.

The correct level of management and reporting is vital to ensure that project costs don’t escalate and that potential delays are identified and averted.

No matter how complex the solution, Datel Advansys have the expertise and experience to guarantee the successful delivery of complex business and technology integration programmes with minimal disruption to the ongoing activity of the business.

Most companies simply do not have the IT resource or the relevant skills or knowledge to facilitate successful project implementation.

Datel Advansys bring together people, information, systems and devices into a single and coherent entity specifically constructed to serve the best interests of the company, regardless of size or industry.

Our project management commitment includes:

  •          Delivering on budget and on time. Every time.
  •          Full responsibility for running the project from start to finish.
  •          Supplementing the existing in-house team where the relevant skills are not easily available.
  •          Removing the stress and uncertainty from decision making.
  •          Added tangible value and skills to the business.