Help Desk

The Datel Advansys help desk provides clients with a central point of contact for all issues relating to or affecting the IT infrastructure.

The support tem will log the call, log into the system to diagnose issues and manage the issue remotely through to completion.

A single number to call, where you will gain direct access to a team of skilled professionals. All calls are logged, prioritised in agreement with the initiator and managed through to completion.

SYS-Watch Pro

Business-critical networks must remain active and operative at all times. 

Designed for customers with highly available virtual infrastructures, where failure of individual components might not bring down systems, but needs to be identified and resolved in order to maintain optimum function. 

The Datel Advansys bespoke SYS-Watch Pro toolset is installed within the environment, monitoring each of the servers, networks and other environmental components for key parameters. 

Our technical teams receive an alert in the event that a pre-set event or threshold is reached. Our specialist teams immediately assess and react to the problem; in most cases without users knowing a problem exists. 

For more information [View our SYS-Watch Pro brochure]