Platform as a Service

There are many Benefits in migrating to the cloud. Just a few of the more obvious benefits would include getting rid of big licensing payments, freeing up IT capacity, and increased efficiency created by the rapid deployment of services. 

The term describes the situation wherein clients buy technology or hardware such as servers, software, network equipment or data storage as a cloud-based service. 

This results in savings in capital expenditure as it removes the need to buy equipment. PaaS also reduces operating costs as usage is metered and charged on units consumed, meaning companies only pay for what they use. 

Datel Advansys provide and manage all the aspects of a virtual infrastructure, but under a secure private dedicated network. This provides ability to scale the service up or down as required, but provides the guarantees about location and security of data and backups. 

The Datel Advansys cloud is available across two datacentres for resilience and monitored by our SYS-Watch Pro service ensuring 24x7 availability.


As a Microsoft Office 365 partner, Datel Advansys can deliver the full range of Microsoft cloud based solutions, including Email and Office products on a monthly rental basis

Silverline Data Management

The need for business continuity is obvious. Any company must always be in a position to respond to a client’s needs and the risk of failure is far more complex than the threat of simple unforeseen disaster.

If the unthinkable should happen, it is important that data and applications can be recovered to a point in time that is both relevant and useful to the business.

Too many businesses take their data for granted and don’t recognise it for what it is. The most valuable asset in their business. If knowledge is power, then data is the power that drives business.

Having recognised that, it is clear how important it is to ensure that data is protected when in use and stored securely when not in use. 

Datel Advansys has developed a unique solution “SilverLine” which has three variants based on client requirements and the existing available infrastructure

SilverLine-DB - A hybrid solution where the internet bandwidth at the remote site is limited. A local storage server maintains local backup copies of the complete server, whilst the primary database is replicated daily to the Datel Advansys cloud

SilverLine-Virtual - For customers with on-site virtualisation solutions, we extend the existing on-site backup solution to take key virtual servers off site into the Datel Advansys cloud for file recovery or recovery from site loss with the addition of disaster recovery services

SilverLine-RealTime - Where Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of a business are extremely demanding, our real-time replication enables rapid server recovery to a point within minutes of a server failure

[View our SilverLine - Virtual brochure]