Data Centre

The increasing complexity of the IT infrastructure has seen a corresponding increase in the need for a more cost effective and secure environment than that provided by the company’s own premises 

Datel Advansys offer guaranteed server availability in a hosted environment which more than provides the essential levels of security and efficiency. 

We have access to dedicated space in Tier 3 and Tier 4 designed data centres in the UK linked by gigabit connectivity to provide a single logical environment. 

Our Managed Data Centre Services deliver genuine business benefit, including:

  •   Data centres with N+2 UPS, along with redundant generators and cooling capability
  •   Fire suppression and on-site security personnel
  •   Provision of appropriate WAN connection to your sites
  •   Monitoring of components and management to ensure all service levels are met
  •   Fixed costs
  •   Monthly reporting of service levels back to the business

Monitoring and Management

Business-critical networks must remain active and operative at all times. 

The Datel Advansys bespoke SYS-Watch Pro toolset is installed within the environment, monitoring each of the servers, networks and other environmental components for key parameters. 

Our technical teams receive an alert in the event that a pre-set event or threshold is reached. Our specialist teams immediately assess and react to the problem; in most cases without users knowing a problem exists. 

For more information [View our SYS-Watch Pro brochure] 

Our Managed Monitoring Services deliver genuine business benefit, including:

  •   Access to a team of qualified DBAs
  •   Monitoring and management of specific database functions
  •   Support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL